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Smiths - This Charming Man - Remixes - Music The NY remixes 12"s released in the UK and Belgium have a paler bee tint. The Smiths This Charming Man Remixes US CD single. this song onto cassette tape back in the mid-1980s from a friend who had a vinyl 45 of this song.

This Charming Man VINYL uk Music These also have a Scott Piering sticker on them and are also paired with a press release. Shop This Charming Man VINYL. This Charming Man - 7 Mixes Audio CD. But he is also a wit and a near genius, and this single showcases these.

The Smiths - The Smiths Vinyl - Music 7" singles from all countries, 12" singles from France and later repressings of the 12" single in the UK show the band's name on the front. I recently received this item and it turns out the track number six is actually not even on the album this album only has 10 tracks and "this charming man" is not.

The Smiths This Charming Man - Version 2 UK 12" vinyl single 12. The other etching is a line taken from "This Charming Man". THE SMITHS This Charming Man 1983 UK 4-track 12" vinyl EP with the Rough Trade 'Capitol' logo on the labels and 'Will Nature Make A Man.

Odd Messages Etched Into Smiths And Morrissey Vinyl News. Click to view: 7" single (except Germany-Intercord) Germany Intercord 7" single UK-early, Aus, NZl, Spa 12" single later UK 12" single New-York mix 12" single, no name New-York mix 12" single, with name France 12" single Germany 12" single Japan 12" single UK 7" back UK regular 12" back UK New York mix 12" back UK 7" [Rough Trade RT136] UK 7" [Rhino UK RHN136; 2008 reissue] Australia 7" [CBS RTANZ001] Belgium 7" [Megadisc RT136] France 7" [Virgin 105.736] Germany 7" [RT Deutscand RTD010/RT136] Germany 7" [Intercord INT110.149] Greece 7" [Virgin VG8005] New Zealand 7" [CBS RTANZ001] Additional information: A Dutch one-sided 7" of "This Charming Man" was given away with copies of the Smiths' debut album in the Netherlands. "This Charming Man" was re-released as a single in 1992. The 2008 reissue of the 7" single by Rhino UK was also included in the "Smiths Singles box" which compiled the band's first 10 UK singles (plus two bonuses). Hard to see but the Smiths vinyl is hand-etched with "Trump will . The 7” of the classic single This Charming Man referred to the lyric of the.

This Charming Man" orinal edition discography Artwork information: Jean Marais from Cocteau's classic 1949 film "Orphée". Early versions of the 12" single in the UK and a few other countries such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Spain didn't have the band's name on the front. This Charming Man London version labelled Manchester This Charming Man. "This Charming Man" was re-released as a single in 1992. Etchings on vinyl

The Smiths Vinyl Records eBay Additional release date information: UK 7" and 12": 28 October 1983 UK NY mix 12": 3 December 1983 Japan 12": 25 June 1984 UK 2008 reissue: 10 November 2008 Chart peak information: UK: 25 Promotion: UK: The most common promo was a stock copy of the 7" with a Scott Piering contact info sticker on the back of the sleeve. Find great deals on eBay for The Smiths Vinyl in 1980s Indie and Britpop Albums. QUEEN IS DEAD 12" VINYL SINGLE ED MORRISSEY INDIE BRITPOP.

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